Friday, 11 March 2011

a hundred years ago

It's been a bit of a cartoon up n down week for me- I've had quite a few takes by some mags, but they might not appear for some time- there have also been a fair number of rejections, and I'm not sure if I’m in any of the magazines at the moment- so... it's time for a dip into the archives (you lucky people).
I think the cartoon below was my first ever appearance in Private Eye- 1998 I believe.

This is pre computer drawing-I think I used a quill, and ink brewed up from powdered oak gall.
I cringe looking at the style I used then, but the joke is still one of my favourites. After this was published I pretty much gave up cartooning and only started up again in 2008- somehow I've managed to keep going this time.


  1. Good to see this, Len. My first Eye gag was also in 1998. Like you I also think I got the gag writing bit nailed early on, but the drawing took a while!

  2. Some things don't change though- i continue to draw people with long necks- still, Botticelli got away with it, so I'm in good company.
    (hey- well done on the book by the way)