Tuesday, 25 January 2011

ergonomic lighting pod

How does the creative process work? I'm not really sure. For me sometimes the cartoon muse drops an idea on my head at random times- with no obvious reason how or why. But there are times when I set aside a couple of hours after work, with no radio or TV distractions, and attempt to have a thinking session. It's not easy whatever way I try. What seems like genius at 11.30 pm is revealed in the cold light of the next day as 3rd rate tat.
I could never do this to order, like some people do in 'creative departments'- Those that can, and make a regular living from it, I envy. So, my way of getting over that, as I seethe in bitter resentment, changing photocopier toner cartridges, is to poke fun at them instead.
This is in The Spectator-


  1. Really like this one. It's fun to be able to have a go at certain types through cartoons!

  2. Thanks, Royston. Although i feel a bit guilty- the ones I've known have been nice people- it's just envy on my part - i never got to use a nice iMac