Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Hand Held in Black and White

The zombie was in front of me at the supermarket self service checkout- there had been a promotional discount on brains at the fresh meats counter- all the local undead were stumbling over themselves to take advantage. This one was getting on my nerves though- kept dropping his change as he tried to insert payment into the automatic till. Honestly, some of them could be worse than pensioners.
I pulled out the phased plasma rifle (in the 40-watt range) and took aim...SHTOOOOMMMM!!!
"Unexpected item in bagging area..." said the self service machine- I kicked the zombie's corpse to one side and scanned my items...Yorkie chocolate bar...bip!; packet of dream topping...bip!

What I have described above is what I imagine computer games are like these days- I don't really know- I gave up on them years ago- but it's the impression I got from the slack jawed chumps I used to work with (hello!), and their "ooh- look- I’ve pre ordered 'Dance Zombie II- The Apocalypse'- it looks ace!"

Here's a cartoon I couldn't sell-


  1. You pretty much just described Dead Rising :P

  2. I assume that was aimed at me... Hello. Its weird too as you were the one without a girlfriend.

  3. nope- not you- i never really listened to your waffling anyway ;)