Thursday, 22 October 2009

Workin' nine to five (thirty)...

Well, 2 weeks back into the world of 9 to 5.30 office gubbins, and I'm just about managing to keep this blog going. I will admit to there not being a lot of new stuff to write about, but I'm hoping once I’m back into a groove the cartoons will start to flow again. I'd forgotten how little spare time there is in the evening after the commute home, the 40 minute bike ride for exercise (anti-paunch measure), and then cooking me tea.

Thing is though, with this postal strike, I think I'd be panicking about cartoons getting lost in the post if it was still my only source of income- yep, despite living in the digital age, a lot of mags still require bits of paper sent in by post, rather than email.

So- I shall not panic too much about this temporary glitch in cartoon production and shall end on a positive note- I was really pleased to find out that Private Eye has used 4 of my cartoons in the new 'Private Eye Annual 2009'- a collection of some of the best bits of the magazine from the past year, it’s available in all good bookshops! I started signing copies in Waterstones the other day, until I was kicked out by the staff and accused of criminal damage. Don't these people know who I am?!

Here are a couple of the cartoons they chose (hope the copyright watermarks don't get in the way too much- I’m still undecided if I should bother with using them- is anyone really going to nick them??).

(I like cats, but I must admit they're born killers)

(This one is dedicated to my friends who have recently become parents- you know this time will come one day... )


  1. Liking the cartoons, especially the second. Will have to go through the annual if I get it at Christmas, pointing out your ones to my family, saying "Look! My mate drew that!" ;)

    Gimme a yell if you want me to build an auto-watermarker bit of code ... might be a fun little project, assuming it'd be of any use!

  2. dunno if i can afford your coding rates...

  3. Was that an open invitation to nick your work?

    If it's good enough to nick (and it is) I'd encourage nicking individual pieces of your back catalogue as a tool for self-promotional.

    Have you compiled a book, a calendar, or a collection of originals to exhibit?

    I'm tempted to investigate more, and I may even be willing to shell out if I'm impressed by the body of work as much as I am by one-offs.

    Have you found any regular characters or archetypes to inhabit your visions of the world?

    Do you draw the occasional strip?

    Have you got any running gags?

    'The Joggers'?

  4. To you, sir, the cost of a single pint of IPA ;)