Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Suddenly I’m not so fed up with drawing cartoons. This might have something to do with the fact that Private Eye magazine contains 3 of my cartoons this week.

I was trying to keep this blog from having too many postings along the lines of-“Look! Look! I’m in this magazine this week!”, but I guess I’m not that modest.

So…Look! Look! I’m in Private Eye magazine!
(OK I’ll make a half-hearted attempt at modesty by only reproducing two out of the three)

This was actually accepted back in May- so I’m glad it didn’t get lost in the filing cabinet.

This next one demands a bit of the viewer- you need to know how to pronounce ‘Ennui’, and of course, what it means (I had to look it up before I got the joke myself…).


  1. Kudos, Len. Wish I'd thought of the Nintendo ennui one. I like it because I *didn't* have to look it up, so now I feel smug and clever ...;-)

  2. Thanks, Royston- and glad to have boosted your ego!
    Now I'm getting people telling me they don't get the kitten heels one. Oh well- as long as Mr H at the Eye got it, i spose that's the important thing.

  3. Royston- just saw your picasso gag in the Eye- now, I wish I'd thought of that one!

  4. I didn't get the kitten one, but did get the Nintendo one. I'm not sure which demographic that places me in though :/