Thursday, 13 August 2009

Practice time

I have quite a few gag ideas written down ready to be drawn- however, I always think the final drawing never looks as good as the version in my head, so I'm procrastinating by having another go at drawing caricatures instead. This is supposed to be Michael Schumacher- not for any great reason other than him being in the news recently. Shame you're not fit enough for the next GP, Mike- would have been fun watching you and your superior driving skills, such as driving into any British driver who happens to be in front of you...ahem.

It's not a brilliant effort (looks a bit like Stan Laurel maybe?)- I think I've got his chin and funny sideways mouth OK, but there is something about the eyes I'm not happy with. And perhaps next time I'll add a body and some background. Ok, now that's done I'd best do some cartoon drawing! Hmm... the sun's out- would be a shame to stay indoors on a day like today.

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